• Rin 1, Peno 167, Coma 177, Wall, Port Richmond, 1977

  • Rin 1, Time 248, Menic 1, Wall, Port Richmond, Date Unknown

  • Rin 1, Man 2, Highway Underpass, Port Richmond, Date Unknown

  • Aid, Wall, New Brighton, 1978

  • Sec 1, Handball Court, Stapleton, Date Unknown

  • Peno 167, Wall, Stapleton, Date Unknown


Early Staten Island Graffiti

These photographs show graffiti done on the North Shore of Staten Island in the 1970's. These writers had highly original styles that were unique to the borough. When I started noticing this work and seeing the quality of style, I started hunting and looking through the neighborhoods of Stapleton, West Brighton, St. George and Port Richmond. Staten Island did not have much in the way of trains to paint, so walls became important places to paint.