• Tag Page from Blackbook, 1982

  • Kinks (Erni), 1982

  • Size (Gil), 1984

  • Ence, 1983

  • Mare 139, 1984

  • Lawe, 1983

  • Acker 127 (Disk), 1984

  • Children of the Nozzle (Trend), 1984

  • <>The Mad Doctor Trend (Trend), 1984

Black Books & Drawings

Black book: Art & Design ‘82 - ’84

Art and Design was known for the many writers who did beautiful work in these black sketchbooks that were passed from person to person. Traditionally, the Black Book was used by writers to sketch out their pieces and also as a way to connect with other writers by lending your piece book out. Lunch at A&D was a time to share and check out Black Books. This is a rare document of the time and the quality of the work that was happening. Not a lot of these books were saved.