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Cal Schenkel is the artist who did the lionshare of Zappa's album art-did Beefheart's Trout Mask Replica as well.Dig the magnificent & inimitable artwork of Cal Schenkel over at his site.

Ever see Cal's animation Dental Hygeine Dilemma in Zappa's 200 Motels film? Woof!

Over at Comics Comics, Dan Nadel muses about Moeb and shares some links (see below) that he's discovered for the current Moebius exhibit at The Fondation Cartier in Paris. Whooosh, wish this show would come to New York!

Here's, a handful of Moebius sketchbook drawings!

And, here is a cool interactive Moebius illustration.

Pics from the show.

Click those links and ye shall see stuff like:





Some more Moebius from Comics Comics here and here.

Here's a recent Moebius post we did showing a bunch of his newer comic art.


New "Giraffe Trapping Music" comic for the soon to be released POOD #2. Click on the comic to see bigger.

POOD explained: POOD is an oversize newspaper anthology featuring some of today's hottest alternative comics creators in a giant (17" x 22 3/4"!) package that lets each cartoonist strut their stuff to maximum effect!

Order POOD #1 here.

Check out the POOD blog.

Our post about POOD #1 here.