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Happy New Year 1996 From Takeshi Tadatsu



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A Takeshi Tadatsu comic from the New York Press. He has a cool style melding together aspects of artists like Gary Panter and King Terry. Always liked the work. Unfortunately, searching for a website or more of his work didn't turn up that much...He has some work in Typhon (a comics anthology published by Danny Hellman).
Anyone know his story?

Here's a few other illustrations I found:

Takeshi Tadatsu.jpg

Takeshi Tadatsu.jpg

Takeshi Tadatsu.jpg


Sunshine said:

I wonder now too what has become of this NY Press staple from preY2k

Here is a link I am sure you have seen

At first I thought he was a kind of Panter wannabe, but I grew to understand his work better by simply relaxing and recognizing the uniqueness of it.

tj-hammer said:

Takeshi is a good old friend of us.
He's gonna have his first one man show since he came back to Japan. We are pretty excited about it.
And thank you for posting his old ny press comics here.Hope more people get to know his new works along with those he had done when he was in NY for various papers and magazines.

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