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Yup, that's Jimbo on a Roman chariot style Segway....'nuff said!

Picturebox has a mini-web exhibit of original work of Yuichi Yokoyama - over a dozen images...
A real treat...!



From the Picturebox site:
"Comics have never seen a talent that combines this level of formal ambition with exquisitely drawn depictions of fashion, art and architecture."

...and Picturebox has these FANTASTIC Yokoyama items available:

The 208 page comic:Travel

The 224 page comic: New Engineering

"Painting" The painitings of Yuichi Yokoyama.

12" x 16.5" Mini Posters

And last but NOT least: has a great page full of images by Yokoyama here.


The cover of Yokoyama's "Garden"


Inside dust jacket cover from "Garden" View larger.


SuperTouch has an interview with Todd James as well as a photo series of a recent studio visit featuring a multitude of images of Todd's new work.

Also check the new work available at Todd's site.